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Sleep Walking –

13 Oct

Sleep Walking

Sleep normally as four stages including REM sleep and NREM sleep in cycles. Sleep walking is a disorder in this cycle where the person starts walking suddenly in the sleep without realizing the act that they are doing. Sleep walking occurs usually in the deep, NREM sleep (stage 3 or stage 4 sleep) early in the night. More common in the age groups of 4 – 12 years, Adults can be affected..

The cause of sleep walking is still unknown but is associated with REM sleep disorder, some organic brain disorder, some mental disorders including STRESS , Panic attack, seizures, cardiac arrhythmias.

Signs and symptoms of Sleep walking

The patients normally presents with features of

• Walking during the night without their consciousness as said by others
• Sudden sitting up in sleep
• Eye opening without seeing anything
• Having a blank look or staring on nothing during sleep walking
• Does not remember the events during sleep walking
• Injury due to fall during sleep walking
• Confused state on arousing from sleep walking
• Performing some skillful activities in sleep walking in sleep
• Rarely aggressive behavior.

Diagnosis -
Medical history is sufficient for the diagnosis of sleep walking.

The treatment includes
• Reassurance & Counselling
• Prevention of injuries during sleep walking by locking the room, block the stairs with a gate, move the furniture and vases from the usual path of sleep walking.
• Find the Stress & treat accordingly.


Tips for good sleep

13 Oct
  • Regular daily physical exercises ( not to do in the evening)
  • Avoid or minimize day time nap
  • Maintain a regular time for going to sleep and waking up
  • Avoid consumption of drinks containing caffeine like coffee, tea, cola, before sleeping hours
  • Not to watch television or reading while in bed
  • Avoid fluid and heave meals before going to bed
  • Avoid regular use of alcohol and never use alcohol for promoting sleep
  • Sleep in a dark, quite and comfortable environment
  • Avoid bright colors in the sleeping room
  • Always brush your teeth, wash face with preferable luke warm water, comb your hair before going to bed.