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Tips to fight fatigue

08 Nov

Fatigue may be caused due to increased family demands, work demands, inadequate sleep, poor diet. Fatigue leads to decreased mental activity, irritability

  • Avoid skipping the breakfast. Breakfast is the main thing in the morning. If you skip your breakfast you tend to get more sluggish as the time pass and your energy level decreases as the day passes.
  • Drink lot of water: Mild dehydration can make the heart to work more since the blood will thickens if the water in inadequate.
  • Have short and shallow breaths. Take deep breaths to increase the body’s oxygen supply.
  • If you have fatigue from long time, check for anemia, which is decreased hemoglobin in your blood. This leads to decreased energy levels.
  • Exercise regularly. Involve in some exercise for about 30-45 minutes for at least 5 days a week.
  • Control the stress by breathing exercises and meditation techniques.
  • Have adequate sleep every day. Sleep at least 8-9 hours per day.
  • Take a stress management class to reduce your stress levels. Learn various techniques to prevent stressors in the daily life. Learn relaxation methods and breathing techniques if you are stressed out.
  • Eat well balanced diet which has all the nutrients, carbohydrates, protein, calcium and potassium.
  • Nutrient deficiency can cause chronic fatigue, so identify it and incorporate in your diet
  • Drink plenty of fruit juices.
  • Take lemon tea, green tea instead of coffee and regular tea.
  • Avoid smoking, alcohol consumption.
  • Do not skip meals.
  • Avoid crash dieting.
  • Eat healthy diet which has more fruits, vegetables, whole grain food, lean meats, low fat dairy products.
  • Avoid over eating. Take small and frequent meals.
  • Take more of iron rich foods like papaya, dates.
  • Avoid using sleeping tablets on long term.

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