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07 Dec

More of carbohydrate must be given as complex starches rather than simple sugars as they breakdown more slowly to release glucose in blood. The presence of fiber in complex carbohydrate like grains, vegetables and other starches slows the glucose absorption. One should emphasize more on the high fiber food instead of high fiber supplements available in the market.

It is way one consumes his calories and spends his calories by various means like exercises. To be more specific the doctor shall recommend a certain calorie diet per day and ask the dietician to prepare a menu for it.

All the diabetics should know the calorific values of the foods they consume and amount of calories they burn with various activities.

Food groups

High fiber food

Low fiber food

Cereals Whole cereals like whole wheat,

Dalia(porridge) , whole wheat flour

Refined cereals like rice,

bread, maida, suji(Rava),

noodles, macaroni, etc

Milk and milk products - Milk and milk products
Pulses Whole dhals and dhals with husk Washed dhals
Meat, fish and poultry - Eggs, chicken, fish
Vegetables Vegetables like peas,

beans, lotus stem etc.

Vegetables like potato,

lauki(bottle guard)  etc.

Fruits Fruits like apple, cherries, pears,

peaches, plums, guava etc.

Fruit juices and fruits like

banana and papaya

Fats - Fats

Sample diet plan (for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus)

Meal Schedule Menu
Early morning
Tea (preferably without sugar)
Breakfast Dalia (Broken Wheat) (salted) / Paneer (Indian Cheese) on toast
Tea without sugar Apple
Lunch 2 chapatti
Channa curry / or any other whole dhal
Beans sabzi / or any other sabzi (avoid potatoes)
Curds / ghia raita Salad
Tea Tea Salty biscuits
Dinner Vegetable soup / tomato soup / chicken soup
2 chapatti / missi roti (combining wheat flour with channa flour and  soya flour) Palak paneer sabzi / paneer bhurji Curds

Sample diet plan (for Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus)

Meal Menu
Early morning
Tea (without sugar)
Breakfast Corn flakes
Boiled egg Toast
Mid-morning Fruit chat
Lunch 2 chapatti (add extra chapatti if required)
Lobia curry / or any other whole dal
Capsicum sabzi / karela / or any other sabzi
Curds / raita Salad
Tea Tea / milk Vegetable sandwich
Dinner 2 chapatti
Dry dal
Cabbage sabzi / or any other sabzi Salad
Bed time Kheer / fruit custard

To remember :

  • It is important to control the amount and time of food intake.
  • Meals should not be missed.
  • Consider the likes and dislikes of the patient.
  • Try to substitute the craving for sweet by taking some fruit

Food to be avoided :

Glucose, sugar, honey, all sweets, chocolates and candies.

Food to be restricted :

Potatoes, yam, arbi, sweet potatoes, mangoes, grapes, bananas, alcoholic beverages, fried food, paranthas, poories, pakoras, mathris, deep fried food, dry fruits, salad oils, cakes and pastries.

Food to be taken at will :

Green, leafy vegetables, tomatoes, cucumber, radish, soups, buttermilk, tea and coffee without sugar.